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What is public liability insurance ?

Public liability insurance protects your business against property damage or injury to someone other than your employees in the event of an accident or unforeseeable incident.

If such an event was to occur, you may be legally liable to cover the costs. Public liability insurance covers you for a range of risks and the financial costs associated with them.

Do I need public liability insurance?

While it’s not mandatory for companies to get public liability insurance, it’s highly recommended. Things can and quite often do go wrong.

In 2013, APRA reported over 32,000 public liability claims made, and 9,000 of which were claims for bodily injury. It’s as easy as someone tripping up in your office space and twisting their ankle, or using faulty equipment that causes you to damage a client’s property.

Public liability insurance policies vary according to your requirements, but they primarily focus on personal injury and property damage.

They will generally cover the expenses of investigating, defending and resolving claims, in addition to any compensation you’re liable to pay.

Public liability is the best defence against potentially extortionate claims for any business. But if you work with customers and clients, have visitors in your premises, manufacture goods and products or visit premises owned by others, we highly recommend public liability insurance.

What inclusions/exclusions can I get on my public liability insurance?

Unfortunately, public liability insurance can’t cover everything and there are some exclusions you’ll need to consider.

Some of these exclusions on your public liability insurance can include:

  • Pollution

  • Asbestos

  • Breach of duty

  • Defamation

  • Faulty workmaship

How much is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance policies vary according to the business activities, turnover, staff numbers and subcontractors. Public liability specifically excludes contractors and subcontractors as they are separate legal entities, but you can add additional entities to be included in your policy.

For trades and office liability, prices usually start from around $300. At this price there are many exclusions, and for cover against working at heights, working in underground services, commercial activities, out of office cover, etc you will have to purchase additional cover. For businesses operating a shed, warehouse or factory, premiums will start closer to $1000.

It’s important to know which policy you have and not switch between two, as this could result in huge gaps in your insurance cover as one policy doesn’t automatically pick up claim exposures from the other policy type.

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