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What is boat insurance ?

Boat insurance covers you for financial loss in the event that your boat is destroyed or damaged. If your business or leisure activities mean you spend time on a water vessel, then you are often exposed to many risks.

These risks include being exposed to adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, dock safety and misadventure

Such risks can cause severe damage or even destroy your vessel, leaving you with expensive repairs to pay for.

We offer protection for both commercial and private boats. You can tailor your boat insurance to suit the purpose of your boating activities and individual needs. Whatever conditions you face while on land or out on the water, we’ve got you covered.

Do I need boat insurance?

Whether you use a boat for commercial fishing or taking the family out on weekend adventures, there’s no question that you should be seeking a boat insurance policy.

With so risks involved with boats, could you afford to repair or replace your boat if an accident were to happen? It’s simply not worth the risk.

Boat insurance provides essential cover on both land and water for:

  • Sailboats

  • Cruisers / Motorboats

  • Kayaks

  • House Boats

  • Dinghies/runabouts

  • Jetskis

We can also provide insurance for vessels that require specialist cover such as bluewater cruising, racing extension or international transit cover.​

How much is boat insurance?

Boat insurance premiums vary and the type of coverage you need will depend on factors like the value of your boat and what you use it for.

On average, boat insurance policies start from around $300.

Will my boat dock be covered by boat insursance?

Not all insurance policies cover boat docks. Our boat insurance policies can cover some docks including SeaPen. However, most docks are covered under a home and content policy as part of the building, including fixed structures like sheds and jetties.

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