Management liability insurance

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What is management liability insurance ?

management liability insurance

Management liability insurance protects your business against the financial risks that come with managing a company.

Management liability insurance can cover a business against claims resulting from errors or intentional actions from a company’s directors, officers, managers, and related entities.

It includes cover for claims made both in the past and the present.

What is the difference between management liability and professional indemnity insurance?

Management liability insurance covers claims from the mismanagement of a company, while professional indemnity insurance covers your business against claims from third parties for professional services and advice you have provided.

Who needs management liability insurance?

Management liability insurance is important for both large and small businesses to protect against unforeseeable claims.

How much is management liability insurance?

The price of management liability insurance varies depending on the size of your company, the level of risk the business is exposed to and the level of insurance coverage you want.

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