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What is business property insurance ?

Business property insurance covers your business or commercial premises from damage, whether you operate from home, own a building or rent your work premises. Damage could occur from fire, flooding, theft, vandalism and other events such as explosions or natural perils.

Business property insurance can also protect the contents of your commercial premises including stock, equipment and possessions.

Do I need business property insurance?

You invest a lot of money, time and energy into your business. If your business was broken into and vandalised, or a vicious storm damaged your building, business property insurance would cover the costs of replacing your assets and repairing the damage caused.

Every business has assets, and the value of your assets will depend on what kind of business you operate. Assets such as specialised equipment and materials, vehicles, stock offices and factories can be of considerable value, and it wouldn’t be financially feasible to compensate for loss of these assets without insurance.

You’ve worked so hard to grow your business into what it is today, and it’s just not worth the risk of having inadequate or no insurance protection to lose everything in a single calamity.

How much is business property insurance?

Business property insurance is broken down into different sections:

  • Fire and Perils

  • Theft

  • Glass

  • Business interruption

  • Machinery Breakdown

  • Electronic Breakdown

  • Tax probe

  • Portable Property

There is no one-size-fits-all for business property insurance, and every business will need different sections depending on their business activities. Each section of a property insurance cover typically starts at around $120 for low-risk occupations such as an office.

Other factors that can affect business insurance premiums include:

  • The amount of coverage you want for your business

  • The value of your business assets

  • If you want to insurance assets which are in transit or over multiple locations

  • The type of threats you want to have coverage for

  • The security of your commercial property

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