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What is personal accident insurance ?

Personal accident insurance is a specialised type of insurance to cover the financial consequences due to an accident or illness.

An accident can have a knock-on effect on your financial situation – particularly if you have a family to support. Even if you can still work after an accident, medical and post-accident recovery costs can hard to keep up with.

Who needs personal accident insurance?

Serious accidents can happen anywhere – while you’re at home, commuting to and from work or when you’re out with the family at the weekend.

Accidents can result in temporary or long-term absence from employment and leave you in a position that you simply weren’t prepared for.

Personal accident insurance provides you with the financial support you need to focus on recovering.

How much is personal accident insurance?

The minimum starting price for personal accident insurance is around $600, but premiums vary considerably based on age, occupation and medical history.

Personal accident insurance options are generally tax-deductible for sole-trader business owners.

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