Caravan insurance

Exploring the stunning landscapes of Australia in your caravan? Wondering if caravan insurance is a necessity Down Under? Delve into the essential guide to understand if you need insurance for a caravan in Australia and how it can safeguard your memorable journeys.

Do You Need Insurance On a Caravan?

caravan insurance

What is caravan insurance?

Caravan Insurance covers your caravan, trailer, motorhome, or recreational vehicle against theft,  loss, damage, and natural disasters while it’s on the road and when it’s not in use.

Depending on the type of coverage you have, this insurance can also protect you if you hurt someone or damage third-party property with your caravan.

Many insurance policies also allow you to cover the contents of a caravan so that your belongings are protected even when the caravan is not in use.

Do you need insurance on a caravan?

Aussies love taking to the open road on a caravan adventure. Unlike car insurance, it’s not a legal requirement to have insurance for your caravan, but we would recommend that anyone with a caravan takes out some type of policy. Having no insurance runs the risk of ending up on sticky ground and having to pay out a hefty sum of cash if anything were to happen.

Here are some examples of situations for which you can insure your caravan:

  • Your caravan is stolen

  • Your caravan is vandalised

  • You crash and damage another vehicle as well as your caravan

  • Your caravan is damaged while being towed

  • A thief steals your personal belongings from inside the caravan

A caravan is a home on wheels, and having no insurance just isn’t worth the risk. You should be able to enjoy your caravan adventures without having any worry at the back of your mind.

How much is caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance premiums vary depending on the cover options you want to include. However, premiums typically start at around $300.

What inclusions/exclusions are there on caravan insurance?

You need to ensure your policy covers the annex, contents and whether there are any restrictions on going offroad.

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